DistanceTracker.com is a social network for active people. Signing up is free and you can start logging your walking, running and biking miles immediately. Make some friends and watch each others progress on your fitness wall. The Challenge feature allows you to set up custom goals and measure your progress every day. Let one of our online coaches help you with a custom fitness plan and encourage every step of the way!

A Social Network for Active Folks!

Log your miles, make friends, set goals!

DistanceTracker.com started way back in 1999 as a biking web site. Within a few years we developed a tracking system so that you could log your walking, running and biking miles, see your progress and compete with others. Soon after we developed a "Challenge" feature that allowed you to set custom goals so that our system could ask you daily questions to help you reach those goals. The site was then transformed into a social network so you could make friends and share your fitness endeavors with others. The site is FREE and EASY to use. Sign up today smiley


Customized fitness programs

Custom Fitness Programs for your Company or School

DistanceTracker.com offers a custom fitness program that utlizes the power of the Social Network to help them set goals and discover the benefits of healthy life choices. Let our team of expert coaches work with you to set up an online fitness portal. Click here for more information.

The Million Mile Challenge
Placed Second in CNN's 2006 Fit Nation Contest
The Million Mile Challenge was a project we created to challenge the residents of Anoka County, Minnesota to get off the couch, out the door and enjoying the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. DistanceTracker.com partnered with Cirque Productions to produce an entry into CNN's Fit Nation contest put on by Dr. Sanjay Gupta. The contest entry was the result of nearly 3 weeks of events and culminating in a one day fitness event where 225 people from all ages showed up to walk, run and bike. The second place prize brought the program national attention.

"We would be happy to discuss our custom fitness programs with you. Call 763-350-2570 or send an email to info@distancetracker.com"