Fitness Program offers fitness programs for cities, schools and companies that want a fun and structured way to set healthy goals and stay active. In 2004 DistanceTracker created a fitness program at a fortune 500 company with a fun walk,run,bike challenge. Since then the program has been adopted into organizations across the country that are seeking to motivate their members through our social network. Our Social Network and expert coaches will help you set goals and see results! Let us help you start a healthy social network today!

For Cities

Start a Million Mile Challenge in your city!


Cities that promote wellness are doing their citizens a great benefit. We make it easy for you by setting up a custom built web site specifically FOR YOUR CITY. You pick the name that best represents your cities challenge (ie: and then folks can sign up through your site, log their miles, find events and local trails, and more importantly, get plugged into a network of active people in their area.


There is no charge to the city or users, we cover the costs through sponsors and local ads. Contact us today!

For Companies

Start a Million Mile Challenge in your company!


This is a nice "Turn Key" solution for your organization. Our fitness portal works well with existing wellness programs (ie: "10K steps a day") or for companies that don't have an existing program. Our wellness experts will talk to you and give you some information up front, listen to your wellness goals within your company, then design a web portal that you can run under your domain or a new one. The MMC fitness portal has something to offer every employee regadless of what level they are at. We provide a simple tracking feature that allows employees to set simple goals like logging 50 miles in a month, or customized challenges that allow you to set nutritional and performance goals. We also offer online help through our expert coaches.


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For Schools

Start a Million Mile Challenge at your school!


The Million Mile Challenge has worked with a number of schools throughout Minnesota, North Carolina and Ohio. After helping the CDC create the "Got Health" program, we gained an understanding of what works to motivate students to make healthy decisions that will impact their lives. Our web site follows a design that students are very familiar with, the social network. We offer a 3-4 month wellness initiative that uses an evaluation process to help kids identify the areas they need to set goals in. During a 2 month period they will log their activities and see how small focused changes can yield a healthier and happier attitude. We also offer an easier program that uses minimal faculty and allows the students to build and own a healthy social network.


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