The Challenge Link program is the result of many wellness initiatives including the "Got Health" tracking system we designed for the CDC. Our fitness program began back in 2004 when we created a tracking system for Land O' Lakes May fitness challenge. The program immediately resulted in a 25% jump in participation and was held for three years. Since then the program has grown into a social network platform to help meet the wellness goals of many companies, schools and clubs.

Centers for Disease Control

Tracking System for Got Health program

The CDC wanted to implement a wellness program for middle schools in North Carolina. They called on us to design a sophisticated tracking system that would allow middle school kids to pick 5 personal wellness goals. Students then used the tracking system to easily log their daily activities over a 2 month period. The program was a big success with the three participating schools.


Land O' Lakes

May National Fitness & Sports Month Challenge

Each year Land O' Lakes challenged their employee's to a fitness challenge during May to encourage healthy activity. The manual system used was very cumbersome and they needed an online system to improve the quality of the program. The folks at DistanceTracker.com developed a complete tracking system that took away the manual labor and allowed Land O' Lakes to see a 25% increase in participation. The program ran for 3 successive years.

The Million Mile Challenge

Placed Second in CNN's 2006 Fit Nation Contest

The Million Mile Challenge was a project we created to challenge the residents of Anoka County, Minnesota to get off the couch, out the door and enjoying the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. DistanceTracker.com partnered with Cirque Productions to produce an entry into CNN's Fit Nation contest put on by Dr. Sanjay Gupta. The contest entry was the result of nearly 3 weeks of events and culminating in a one day fitness event where 225 people from all ages showed up to walk, run and bike. The second place prize brought the program national attention.

Andover High School

Faculty Fitness Challenge

The Phy-Ed staff at Andover High School wanted to encourage their faculty of over 100 members to stay active and a good example for their students. They used the Distance Tracker system to challenge each other to walk and run during a one month challenge. The school used the tracking "team" feature to set up groups by department and make the challenge more fun.


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